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The University and Laureate Online Education will deal with complaints about and by students seriously and fairly and within a reasonable timescale. 

Academic Misconduct is defined by the University as "an attempt to obtain, or to assist another person in obtaining an unfair advantage in an academic assessment," and the term covers a range of academic offences such as plagiarism, collusion, duplication, and falsification. No allegation of Academic Misconduct may be found to be substantiated unless there is clear, convincing and reliable evidence in support of the charge. 

Once a Disciplinary Officer has determined whether or not an offence has occurred, they will write within 7 days to the student with their findings and also with details of any penalty to be applied if the case is proven. A student has 14 days from the date of the letter from the Disciplinary Officer to write to the Secretary to the Student Disciplinary Board to request a full hearing of their case before a Hearing Panel. 

A student may request a Hearing Panel only on the following grounds:

a. that relevant new evidence which was not available to a party at the time of the original interview has been discovered;

b. that there has been a failure of due process; or

c. that the Disciplinary Officer has misapplied some element of these Regulations and where the outcome of the case at the original interview might have been  substantially affected by that misapplication.

Requests for a Hearing Panel considered to be questioning academic judgment will not be accepted.

For more information, please click here to see our Guidelines for requesting an Academic Misconduct Hearing Panel.

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