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Improvement in writing skills takes time; writing is often a cyclical process. However, there are a few steps to consider as you seek to improve your work:

Learn more about citing and referencing. Using Harvard or APA to cite secondary sources can be difficult for students, especially if they've been away from study for some time. 

Click here to see Roehampton's Referencing Guidelines.


Use the Writing Centre! If you haven't already, be sure to register for our online Writing Centre, where you receive personalised feedback on your work from one of our expert Writing Tutors. Go here for more information. 

For a brief overview of the Online Writing Centre, see this short video. 




Try one of our Skill Units. We have a variety of self-study Skill Units here in the Centre for Student Success that should be able to help you get on the right track.

Review feedback. Look at your faculty member's feedback, comments from peers, or Writing Centre staff. If the feedback seems overwhelming, scan the comments first to pick out major themes or overarching patterns. From there, you can begin your revisions.

Ask questions. Be sure to ask questions when they come to mind. You can contact your faculty member for questions about the specific academic content you're studying or the Writing Centre for things like citing and referencing, grammar, structure, and other writing-related issues.

Reflect on your skills. Take some time to consider where you started with your writing, where you currently are, and where you want your writing skills to be. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses?

Prioritise your revisions. Consider the patterns you’ve noticed and the areas of weakness in your work. Which of these will most impact clear communication? It may be helpful to start with these broader themes and then narrow your scope to proofread for punctuation, grammar, etc.

Plan to improve. Set goals and make an improvement plan based on your reflections and priorities. Do you have a specific weakness that you want to improve on? Make a plan to work one step at a time toward improving that specific skill. Also, feel free to share this plan with one of our Writing Tutors, as they can suggest ways to make your plan to improve your writing a reality.

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