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For an explanation of the basic differences between Poor Academic Quality and Academic Misconduct, see this short presentation. 



Poor Academic Quality is considered as a relatively small amount of paraphrasing or the use of quotations and diagrams, charts, etc. without adequate citation and/or referencing. This would normally be where a student has failed to do at least two of the following: (i) use quotation marks, (ii) cite, (iii) reference around a paragraph or two of material from an unacknowledged source or sources.

In contrast, Academic Misconduct is an attempt to obtain, or to assist another person in obtaining, an unfair advantage in an academic assessment. The offence may occur in relation to any piece of work and any component within it, whether it has been submitted for formal assessment, feedback or review. The work may take any form, including but not limited to words, graphs and images, notations, data, code, ideas and judgments.

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