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The penalties of Poor Academic Quality are a grading reduction for the assessment and, in some occasions a fail grade being awarded by the faculty member.

For a brief explanation of Poor Academic Quality, see this short presentation. 



Reduction of Grades
Any incident of paraphrasing, quotation, or use of diagrams, charts, etc. without proper use of quotation marks, adequate citation and reference should be investigated by the faculty member for poor academic quality. Work paraphrased or copied without acknowledgement as per the minimum requirements, as defined in the Minimum Requirements section above, would be an indicator of Poor Academic Quality and will lead to a reduced mark for the work concerned.

The faculty member should apply and record a reduced mark for the assessment and s/he will send an informal warning letter to you informing you that the incident is unacceptable, but it will not be formally reported as academic misconduct on this occasion.

Fail Grades
A significant amount of incorrectly referenced work may lead to a fail grade being awarded by the faculty member.  In this event, the faculty member will decide whether this case falls under the category of Academic Misconduct.

The fail grade will be explained in your feedback regarding the work, and a formal letter will be sent to you warning you of the consequences of repeat incidents. The fail grade due to significant failure to correctly cite and reference will be reported to the next Local Progamme Examination Board.

Repeat occurrences of your failure to correctly cite and reference, or major breaches of the guidelines on academic quality, will be considered as an issue of Academic Misconduct.

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