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The University of Roehampton-London Online considers Academic Misconduct as an academic offence under its Disciplinary Regulations. It is defined as ‘…an attempt to obtain, or to assist another person in obtaining, an unfair advantage in an academic assessment. The offence may occur in relation to any piece of work and any component within it, whether it has been submitted for formal assessment, feedback or review. The work may take any form, including but not limited to words, graphs and images, notations, data, code, ideas and judgments’.

For a brief explanation of Academic Misconduct, see this short presentation. 



The University of Roehampton, London uses the following definitions in considering academic offences:

It shall be an offence for you to present another person’s published or unpublished work in any quantity without adequately identifying it and citing its source, except for the provisions of the section above regarding Poor Academic Quality.

It shall be an offence for you to resubmit work in any quantity without acknowledgement or without adequate redevelopment to make it novel and appropriate to the assessment, except for the provisions noted above under poor Academic Quality; this includes the resubmission of work which was previously submitted at another institution.

It shall be an offence for you to invent or alter facts, data, quotations or references without acknowledgement.

You shall not assist another student, or knowingly be assisted by another person, in gaining an unfair advantage in an academic assessment.

You shall not engage in conduct that sets out to undermine the security, integrity or fairness of an assessment; this includes obtaining, introducing, using or sharing information or materials without permission.

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