Answered By: Hayley Hughes
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Indicative grades during Units 1-5 are an indication of how you're progressing in the module. This includes your understanding of the materials and your ability to apply the material in the classroom by way of discussions and assignments. It is essentially an ‘indication’ of your performance and should be used to help you get an idea of how you're doing in the module.

These grades are not calculated towards your final module mark. Therefore, you could be performing well during Units 1-5 in the module, and then submit a poor final project and as a result, fail the module. Similarly, you could be performing poorly in the module, and challenge yourself at the end and do extremely well on the final project and pass with a high mark. Again, these marks are only an indication of how you are performing in the module (Units 1-5) and are not weighted towards your final module mark. 

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