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You will receive two types of feedback in your modules, the formative feedback you'll get in units 1-5, and the summative feedback you'll receive at the end of your module. Feedback is individualised to each student and highlights both strengths and areas for improvement; however, faculty members may vary in their style, so it is important to understand the specific feedback that is being provided to you by each specific faculty member. Here are some details about what to look for in your feedback:

In the formative feedback you receive in units 1-5, you should be looking to identify the areas in which you are performing well, and then to consider how you can expand upon these. Then, you should consider the areas that might need additional attention and reflect upon what you might have done differently in your previous assignment submission. Finally, looking forward to the next unit, you would want to think about how and where you might integrate the feedback and improvements based upon both the provided feedback improve and your personal reflections.

Your end of module summative feedback will be a descriptive summary of your performance on both the final project as well as the shared activities component of the module. Many times, faculty members will also offer a personalised account of your overall performance in the module by highlighting improvements you have made and suggestions for moving forward into your next module.  However, as noted earlier, every instructor has a unique style and approach to offering feedback; hence this may vary from module-to-module and instructor-to-instructor. Therefore, it is suggested that you look for such recommendations regarding particulars on your merits and areas that might need additional attention as you proceed through the progamme. 

See this short video for more information on assessment and grading.


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