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To access the student financial portal, sign in to your Inspirenet student account and click on Financial Portal as shown below.

Not all versions of Internet Explorer are supported by the student financial portal that is why we recommend our students to use a different browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc.).

For security reasons, when you click on Financial Portal you will need to enter your Inspirenet username and password again to proceed.


From the Account Overview Screen, click on the Make a Payment button to get to the Payments page:


 Select Credit Card / Debit Card 

Select your payment amount.  Then, select “Yes” if you are the student submitting the payment.  If someone else is paying on your behalf, select “No”. Click “Pay via Credit Card / Debit Card”.


Click “Next”


Select your preferred payment method



If you are the student paying on your own behalf, review your address and enter your phone number and email address.  If someone else is paying on your behalf, their address, phone number and email address are required. Then click “Next”.


Review the confirmation page, review the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and check the box: ”I have read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy”.  Click “Next”.


Enter Card details and click “Make Payment”



A payment initiation notification is displayed.


Note: You can check the status of your payment on your Student Financial Portal in the “In Progress” section of the Payment Activity page. 


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