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Re-sitting the Research Project (RP)

If a student fails the RP, one re-sit may be allowed if the mark achieved is between 40 and 49. The decision to allow a re-sit of the RP lies with the Programme Examinations Board. The Programme Examinations Board will consider the student’s academic record and performance. Normally, a student who is allowed to re-sit the RP will be permitted to work on the same topic and to revise the submitted RP.

Research students who fail the Research Project due to academic misconduct are not eligible to re-sit the RP and will need to retake the RP in full.  For further information on retaking the Research Project please see the section below. 

Students who are allowed to re-sit the RP will have 13 weeks to complete and submit their new RP. The percentage grade awarded for the re-sit will be capped at the pass mark of 50%, in line with the University’s policy on grade penalties for re-sits .

Re-taking the Research Project (RP)

If a student fails the RP with a mark below 40, the student will be required to re-take the RP.  The student will have the full 26 weeks to complete and submit the RP. No grade cap will be applied.

If the student fails the RP due to academic misconduct issues, the PEB will require the student to re-take the RP.  Subject to certain conditions, the student may be allowed to work on the same topic.  However, an original approach to the topic will be required and restrictions about the re-use of own work will apply.

In cases where the academic misconduct compromises the validity of the research, the student will be required to work on a different topic and be given an additional 4 weeks to work on a new Research Proposal (outside the RM module) with the guidance of the RP Supervisor.  Once approved,  the student will then have the full 26 weeks to work on the new  Research Project.

Re-using own work in the Research Project (RP)

Work submitted for assessment should be work written by the student specifically for this assessment. Although copying own work is not regarded as plagiarism, the student will not receive a passing grade for the new submission unless they have included substantial new discussion and analysis. If a student chooses to re-use any part of previously submitted work he/she must always cite and reference the previous work.

For more information, see this page on our Research Project Guidelines.

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