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In each module, there is usually a word count for each assessment, whether they are indivvidual assessments or assessments for Shared Activities. This word count may vary from module to module. Whenever an assessment falls significantly short of or exceeds the specified word count, a grade reduction may be applied. The word count should include only the main body of the submission and should exclude the reference list/bibliography, appendices and front pages (e.g. the title page, if there is one). 

Writing less than the required word count

Normally, if you submit a piece of work for assessment that falls short of the word count by more than 10% you will have missed addressing some of the requirements of the assignment. If you write significantly less than the word count there is a risk that your work will not adequately address the assignment or the learning outcomes. Your work will be assessed on its academic merits and this will be reflected in the mark awarded and the feedback on the piece of work.

Writing more than the required word count

If the submission exceeds the word count by up to 10% then there will be no penalty. Submissions that exceed the word count by more than 10% may be penalised, depending on how much they exceed the word count. For specific information about these grade penalties, see our guidance on word count.

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