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Laureate’s online courses and platform strive to be accessible to a universal audience and to present very few barriers requiring reasonable adjustments for students with disabilities.

For the visually impaired, on our platform

  • There is an option that allows students to maximise panel sizes to make the viewing area larger.
  • There are Audible Notifications: System messages sent as sounds to notify users when certain important events occur in a session.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Press one or more keys in combination to perform a function.
  • Keyboard Navigation: Use the keyboard to navigate in a session,

For the colour blind there are special Display Options: You can customize the display of the closed-captioning window by changing the font, size, and color of the text and the color of the background.


Nonetheless the development of online education and the technology it uses still presents challenges for ensuring universal and continuing accessibility for all. If you find or if you are informed of an inaccessible component in the classroom please contact the Disability Centre

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