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Why is there an annual tuition increase?

In order to maintain the highest quality education for our students, we are constantly evaluating our programmes and student support needs.  After careful consideration, the University of Roehampton Online has determined that a tuition increase in 2017 will be implemented. 

As with all products and services, the cost of providing education over time changes based on movements in the local and global economies. An academic institution providing programmes that run over two or more years that operates in an open market (non-government controlled) can resolve this in one of two ways.

They can either make assumptions about probable changes to cost in the coming years based on average programme completion speeds, and build this into the total cost of tuition agreed at the start of a programme or they respond to the actual market conditions experienced.

Students on our programmes can spend between two and seven years to complete their programme, depending on their programme of study and the speed with which they progress through their programme. Because of this, we believe it is fairer to make changes to tuition on an annual basis. This means that only those students who study in the year that the change is experienced will be affected by price adjustments. Students who study faster are not exposed to a tuition rate based on cost increases in years they will have already completed their study.

How will I know the total impact of the increase on my tuition?

You will receive an email regarding the tuition fee increase and what this means for you.  It will include the increase percentage which applies to you.

I have an unpaid invoice, will this change?

No. Any invoice issued before 1st January 2017 will not change, even if it hasn’t been paid by the beginning of 2017.

Can I pay any instalments in advance or before the increase comes into effect?

Yes, you can request to change to the single instalment plan. We will then invoice you for the remaining cost of study at the 2016 rate.

Requests to pay-off your balance must be received by 5 December 2016 and full payment for the remaining programme balance must be received by the 30 December 2016 due date, in order to avoid the price increase.

It is still 2016 and I have received an invoice at the new rate, why?

All study that will be undertaken in 2017 will be invoiced at the new rate. As invoices are sent out in advance of the start date, this means that some students will receive invoices for study charged at 2017 rates in 2016.

If you are registered for modules starting in early 2017, you will receive invoices for them at the 2017 rate before the end of 2016.  Any used or invoiced study points prior to the increase will not be affected by the 2017 tuition increase.

I am in the middle of my final research project, how will the increase affect me?

If you start your final research project in 2016 and complete it in 2017, your payments will be affected as follows according to your payment plan

  • Modular in Instalments: You will receive six invoices for your final research project: the invoices issued in 2016 will be at the 2016 rate, those issued in 2017 will be at the 2017 rate.  
  • Modular: You will receive two invoices for your final research project: the invoices issued in 2016 will be at the 2016 rate, those issued in 2017 will be at the 2017 rate.

Why doesn’t the tuition fee increase apply to students who have paid for their full program in advance?

It costs us less to administer the payments of students who pay for their studies in one instalment. Therefore it is mutually beneficial if we incent students paying for their studies in advance by absorbing any future increase in the cost.  If you wish to change to the one instalment plan, please contact support.

I will be invoiced in 2016 for a module in 2017; do I have to pay the increase?

Invoices for programme components started in 2017 will be charged at 2017 rates, even if the invoice is issued in 2016. Please see separate answer for final research project.

I was not informed of the possibility of a future increase in tuition fee!

You are provided financial instructions in your Student Agreement prior to the start your programme of study and in that agreement you receive information regarding tuition review. 

If you started your programme in either September 2016 or December 2016 your tuition fees will not be affected by this increase.

My question isn’t answered by the above!
Please contact support if you have any queries.

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