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Q. I have a question about a refund

If you have a credit balance on your student account, you can request a refund*.

Wire Transfer

You will need to request confirmation of payment instructions from your bank. This is a required document which confirms the accuracy of your bank account details to ensure the refund will not be rejected; particularly where intermediary or correspondent banks may be involved.

Once you have this confirmation of payment instructions; download and complete the refund request form (link below) according to the confirmation from your bank for the bank details section. The refund form must be completed accurately and in full. 

Send both the completed refund request form, and confirmation for the payment instructions from you bank using the form below. We are unable to complete your refund without both documents.


Credit Card

If you paid by credit card, and the card you used is still valid, the refund will be credited back to your credit card**. If the card is no longer valid, or the payment details cannot be accessed in our system any longer; you will need to follow the wire transfer instructions as above.

If you card is valid; download and complete the refund request form (link below.) The refund form must be completed accurately; for credit card refunds you do not need to complete the bank details on the refund request from, nor send not the bank instructions as per the wire transfer process.

Send the completed refund request form using the form below.


Upon receiving the refund request (either wire or credit card) and the required document/s, we will review your account and communicate the status to you.  All approved refunds will be processed, and the funds are expected to be released within thirty (30) days from receiving the correctly completed refund documentation. 

*Charges to your account during the processing period may impact the amount   of your refund and we can only issue refunds to the original payer.

**We are unable to refund credit larger than the payment made by credit card.

You can obtain and submit the form below.



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